What We Do

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Rising construction costs and the need for sustainable design in our resource scares environment is not an excuse for average design. Inspired Architecture should evoke creatives to develop practical and future-proof buildings that reflect character, sophistication and sustainability.

Project Management

We will ensure that all clearances and requirements from the municipality are dealt with. We are able to contract all of the necessary builders, plumbers, electricians, and even interior designers (should you wish) and will manage your project from start to finish.


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can recreate an older house into a beautiful, contemporary home. We are able to advise, plan, and create realistic budget projections for transformative renovations to your building.

Lifestyle Design

At HFA we place a strong emphasis on creating an uninterrupted flow of nature through the building, making use of natural light and elegantly functional solutions. We strive to maintain a strong interior-exterior connection, wherever the surrounds are part of the charm.

Interior Design

While we do not employ an in-house interior design team, we have worked alongside several highly recommended designers in the area. We are able to make recommendations or work with your preferred team.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating simple, functional, beautifully contemporary spaces where our clients can truly live.

Hendri Frankenfeld Architects adheres to a design philosophy which expresses in its architecture an appropriate response to site, context, and a dedication to creating modern, contemporary, and beautifully simplistic homes. HFA design is mindful of incorporating the appropriate technology and material specifications, even designing bespoke systems where necessary. The result is architecture that is timeless, well proportioned, and perfectly in keeping with the lifestyle and preferences of the client.