We offer the full spectrum of Architectural Services

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Broad Brush Stroke Discussion

This entails a first stage meeting with you at initial contemplation of the prospective project or expression of interest. This can also involve assisting in site selection.

Design Brief

Assisting you in setting up the personalized design criteria and putting together a detailed and comprehensive project brief.

Design Concept Conceptualization

Formulating a 3D design solution.

Sketch Plans

Developing the design concept into a functional design solution that meets your needs and requirements.

Working Drawings:

Completion of technical and production drawings and documentation for costing and construction purposes.

Interior Architects

Exploring interior design solutions within the building framework, or working with your selected interior designer.

Site Inspections

Managing the site during the construction period and ensuring an excellent project at handover.

Other Services

Historical and Land Use Applications including motivational reports.